Accounts, Payouts and Bonuses policy

November 6, 2023 (version 1-2023)

By registering in Everum Casino a player has the right to choose one of the following currency accounts: Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Russian ruble (RUB), Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH), Turkish Lira (TRY).

The account opening is subject to the full Terms and Conditions of the casino, and the data collected during or after the registration is subject to KYC, Privacy and Personal Data policy.


Withdrawal is carried out by one of the methods presented in the Cashier menu, and a player can order a withdrawal to a certain payment system only if he/she used it before to make a deposit. It is forbidden to exchange funds between payment systems. The Company may offer a player a particular method of withdrawal of funds at its discretion. Withdrawals will only be remitted only to the same account from where the funds paid into the player’s account originated whenever possible.

The maximum monthly amount allowed to withdraw cannot exceed 40,000 US Dollars, Euros or equivalent in other currency. This amount is calculated as the difference between the sum of withdrawals and the sum of deposits.

The Company also set the minimum and maximum amount of withdrawal in a single operation, which may differ depending on withdrawal method, level of your account, or other factors. Details for each payment system are presented in the Cashier menu.

If the withdrawal limits set for player’s account are less than required, the Company may increase them up to the required amount at its discretion.

The Company aims to carry out withdrawal within 24 hours from your order or from the moment of account confirmation, if it has not already done before.

Priority withdrawals and commissions

The first withdrawal during 24 hours, can be made with priority speed: within an hour from the time of request, or from the moment of the account verification, if it was not done before. Priority withdrawal is possible if player agrees to pay a commission, which is automatically deducted during the processing of the withdrawal request.

The following commission amount is applied:

€2 ($2, ₽170, ₴65, C$3, ₺16) if total amount of deposits and withdrawals during last 24 hours is less than €160 ($160, ₽13000, ₴5000, C$250, ₺1200);

€5 ($5, ₽400, ₴160, C$7, ₺40) if total amount of deposits and withdrawals during last 24 hours is more than €160 ($160, ₽13000, ₴5000, C$250, ₺1200).

Priority withdrawal is available if wagered amount during last 24 hours is three times more than amount of deposits during same period. If monetary value of bets during last 24 hours is more than value of payouts, priority withdrawal is available based on the following criteria: (amount of deposits minus monetary value of bets plus value of payouts) x 3.

If wagered amount during last 24 hours is less than three times of total funds deposited during the same period, and for second and the following withdrawals during 24 hours commission for processing will be applied:

€2 ($2, ₽170, ₴65, C$3, ₺15) if total amount of deposits and withdrawals during last 24 hours is less than €160 ($160, ₽13000, ₴5000, C$250, ₺1200);

€5 ($5, ₽400, ₴160, C$7, ₺40) if total amount of deposits and withdrawals during last 24 hours is more than €160 ($160, ₽13000, ₴5000, C$250, ₺1200).

Wagered amount is calculated based on 100% of bets made on any slot games and 25% of bets made on any other games.

The Company reserve the right to change amount of commission for any player.


The casino at its discretion may award players with various bonuses. The main types of bonuses include:

Free spins: a certain number of free spins that a player can use in one or more games. Once all the free spins have been made a win amount will be credited to your real or bonus account, depending on the conditions of the offer.

Deposit Bonus: This bonus is activated once a player has made a successful deposit into his/her account. The bonus amount is a percentage of the deposit; the maximum possible bonus amount is set by the Company.

Bonus money: a certain amount of bonus money that is added to a player's account and available for play without making a deposit.

A player decides whether to use bonuses or reject them. In case of rejection you must notify the Company by means available by a given proposal.

Received bonus money can be converted into real money. To do that, a player must make bets to the amount set for each bonus. This amount is calculated by multiplying the ratio for this bonus offer by the bonus amount. For example, to convert 10 Euros bonus with a ratio of 40, a player must make bets for 400 Euros.

Immediately after a player fulfills bonus conditions, ie provides the necessary amount of bets, bonus money is credited to the player's real money account, and a bonus is considered as released. Please note that some bonuses can set the maximum amount which can be transferred to your account.

Betting on certain games can be partially counted for wagering, some games may be prohibited to use if a player has an active bonus. These conditions will be determined for each particular bonus.

The maximum bet during bonus wagering may not exceed €3 ($3, C$5, ₽250, ₴100, ₺30) even if the game allows you to make larger bets. The company has the right to cancel the bonus and any winnings in case of such violations.

Players always bet real money first and then bonus money. In the situation when single bet include a part of real money and a part of bonus money, winnings are distributed proportionally according the contribution from each source toward the bet.

If Player canceled bonus or requested withdrawal before bonus wagering requirements are met, full bonus amount and accrued winnings will be forfeited.

Bonus wagering is available for a certain amount of time, during which a player must fulfill the wagering conditions. If a player has not fulfilled wagering conditions within the allotted time, his/her bonus balance will be canceled.

The Company may refuse a player to obtain the bonus in its sole discretion.

Any behaviour meant to obtain real money by manipulating or exploiting bonus wagering system will considered as a bonus abuse. Winnings earned from such behaviour will be confiscated.

One player has the right to use a particular bonus offer only once, if conditions don’t imply multiple use. It is forbidden to receive bonuses for members of the family, or by using a single IP address, computer or other device without the prior written permission of the Company. In the case of bonus abuse the Company reserves the right to cancel the bonus itself, as well as winnings.

Company reserve the right to audit Player activity during wagering the bonus: your play will be reviewed for any irregular playing patterns, for example: playing of equal and zero margin bets, playing on any games other than slots, using the double feature on any slots, playing bonus games / rounds after the bonus has been lost / completed, etc.. Company reserve the right to reclaim the bonus and any winnings and close an account in such situations.